Franco american white mac and cheese

I just went to foodservicedirect and couldn't find it. This is unreal. I am not alone.

What can i buy franco american canned mac n cheese?

The fondest memory of my childhood included FA mac n chz. It was literally the only thing i could eat when i was real sick in the early 80's. Why in the hell would they quit making it. If i had to i would buy it by the case. Me and my sister loved to eat that soup, it was the best. I keep telling my kids about it I wish that I could find it again so they could try it.

It is absolutely better than the new maccaroni and cheese soup hands down!!! Please put it back on the shelves to buy.

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HJB - January 07, - Report this comment. I grew up on it and loved it. My daughter is 16 and ate it for the first few years of her life until it was discontinued. Cindy - January 14, - Report this comment.

Creamy Macaroni and Cheese Recipe - How to Make Mac N Cheese - Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

I am 52 years old and I used to eat this Franco American macaroni and cheese and absolutely loved it. I started looking for some to give to my grandchildren and couldn't find it anywhere, so I checked online. Sadly enough, I did find the Franco American website only to find out they quit making it. Come on now, lets get this stuff back on the shelves.

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It is sooooo good. There is nothing else on the shelves that even comes close. I lovd it as well.

Mom cut up wienners in it!!! The best! Need to know if anyone ordered it direct and got the "right thing"? Rick - January 16, - Report this comment.

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I checked out the food service link. It must stuff in a box. NOT what we are all looking for. I just turned 60 and, like many of you, assumed that my local store just didn't carry it. BUT they would have to make it just the same as they did back in the old days. No shortcuts or the deal won't fly. Someone post the address and phone number of the Campbel's site we should all contact. Please We here in Ma. Love it!!! Brenda - February 22, - Report this comment.

I love Franco American Mac n cheese. I really miss it. Please start making it again Why do companies take something away that everyone loves? Robert - March 24, - Report this comment. This stuff was the best. Even back in the eighties, it was hard for me to find. Close though Corky, Maui - April 08, - Report this comment. WOW, I thought I was the only one looking for it and remember loving it back in the day.

Great after a party night could eat the entire can. Always had cans in the pantry. I'm a Chef and still would love bring it home after along day. I make great mac and cheese but this is way better at night, easy. Emailed Campbells told them to bring back. Chef boy ardee has a new one close but box size pasta, not the same.

How can I get Franco-American Mac and Cheese? - Packaged Foods - Prairie Provinces - Chowhound

Ralph - April 13, - Report this comment. It was a sad day when this went off the market. Campbells needs this one back just the way it was. Jess - April 25, - Report this comment. This was always my mother and my favorite food to eat together for lunch. I looked everywhere for this for a while till I found out it was discontinued. I really miss it and wish they would bring it back.

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  • I would buy it all the time! I loved it as a kid and then got my daughter hooked on it and we both still talk about how we miss it like crazy! I used to love this stuff. I ate all the time. I've tried all others and nothing can compare. I also like stouffers but that's frozen and more expensive. But the "Franco" was there for me. Will this come back or are we all whining???? Ate it cold and ate it hot. Had a great recipe that used one package of frozen spinach. Got my kids to eat spinach. I would love nothing more than to eat some franco american macaroni and cheese cold or hot right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think I bought the last can in or so. I loved it growing up and haven't seen it since I bought the last can. I knew it when I bought the last can in !!!!!!!!!!!! Nataccia - June 29, - Report this comment.

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    • Hey Everyone! I used to it all the time as a kid and am so sad that it's not made anymore. I called and spoke to Campbell and am on a mission. If you call and tell them you'd like to have this product brought back, you'll be helping create "a buzz" about it. If we don't make some noise, then we'll never get to taste this great food again! Give them a call. If you'd like to brainstorm about some new ways to get this food prouced again, email me: perfect. I love this stuff, just like everyone else on here posting a comment, they need to bring it back, I am going to call the right now.