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Ctrl-click and select Show Package Contents. You get a bunch of stuff here — XAML template, visual editor etc, etc. You probably did not configure the. Re launch the VM and try again. But the WP8 emulator seems only running within Visual Studio. Do you need to open a dummy project all the time?

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Then click Next. Name the shortcut.

How To Upgrade Any Windows Phone 8.1 To Windows Phone 10

Then Finish. Now you should have the shortcut icon on desktop.

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Double-click to launch the WP8 emulator! Then click Continue. Leave them as-is, and click Continue. Click Customize Settings before finishing. Now you should find a. Open the file with a text editor of your choice. Open the OneDrive app and tap Menu in the upper left of the screen. Select either Microsoft account Outlook. Then enter the web address of your SharePoint server to continue the sign-in process. For you to sign in to OneDrive for Business, your organization needs to have a qualifying SharePoint Online or Office business subscription plan, or your organization needs to have its own SharePoint Server deployment.

Your OneDrive app in Windows 10 lets you sign in to your personal OneDrive and your OneDrive for Business accounts and then switch between the accounts you've added. Tap Menu at the top of the screen, and then tap the account you want to use. Use the same process to upload and save any file type in the OneDrive app, including documents, photos, videos, and music files.

In the OneDrive app, in the folder where you want the photos added, tap Add. Tap Upload.

At Choose an app , pick the source of the file you want to upload, such as This Device or your phone's Photos app. Browse to the files you want to upload and select, Open. If your phone is set to save photos automatically to OneDrive, your phone's Photos app shows photos from OneDrive as well as phone photos that have not been uploaded.

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Uploading a photo already in OneDrive creates a duplicate of the photo. Find the file you want to upload, select it, and then tap OK. Connect your phone to the computer with your phone's data cable, or using wi-fi or Bluetooth connection. Under Camera upload , turn the switch On. To also automatically upload videos you take with your phone, turn On the switch at Include videos. Under Camera backup account , tap open the list and select the OneDrive account that you want pictures uploading to.

If your connection is not metered - most wi-fi network connections are not metered - you can turn this switch on. You can search for file or folder names, text within files, and even text and tags in photos. Tap Search and type the phrase you want in the Search box. You can add folders in the Files view, or inside any other folder in OneDrive. Enter a name for the new folder, then tap OK. In the OneDrive app, tap Select , then tap the check box of one or more files you want to move, tap See more , and then tap Move.

At Move items to , tap the folder you want the files moved to, then tap Move. SharePoint sites you've recently interacted with or that you follow appear in a list located under the name of your organization. You'll also be able to see your Office groups in the list, as each group will have its own team site. In the OneDrive app, open the folder you want to sort and tap Sort by. You can sort by name, date, or size. The Photos , Documents and Shared views sort by date only. Tap Select and tap the check box of the files you want to recover, then tap Restore.

The files can be restored to OneDrive before then, or you can permanently delete them from your OneDrive. In the Recycle Bin view, select the files you want to delete. Tap Delete to remove the files permanently. If you're signed in with a work or school account, items in the recycle bin are automatically deleted after 93 days, unless the administrator has changed the setting.

In the OneDrive app, tap Select , and tap the check box of the files that you want. Tap More , then tap Download. You can also tap and hold the file you want to download, then tap Download. Find and open the folder on your device where you want the downloads, and then tap Save.

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In the OneDrive app, tap Select , then tap the check box by the file or folder you want to share and tap Share. If you want to share with a few specific people, select Invite people or Send files. If you want to share with a large number of people, such as in a social media or blog post, select Share a link.

Under Invite people , enter the names or e-mail addresses you want. Tap Add to enter more names. Just tap the name to send that person a message with a link to the file you're sharing. If you want the recipients to be able to add changes or edits, check the box at Allow editing. Uncheck that box to make the file read-only for the recipients. Tap OK.

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The recipients get an email message with a link to the document. Select whether you want recipients to be able to View and edit the file, or make it View only so recipients can only read it.

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  4. In the Share list, tap the app you want to use for sharing the link. You might have to scroll the list upward to see all the options. In the Share list, tap the app you want to use to send the attached file. After you make this selection, the app you selected opens.