Mac address cisco asa 5505

Post a Comment. Click on Add and select Add Authentication Rule. Select the interface where the authentication rule will be applied from the Interface pull-down menu. The inside interface is selected in this example.

Configuring Physical Interfaces

Select Authenticate in the Action field to require user authentication. You must specify a source and a destination for traffic that will require authentication.

Click the ellipsis In this example, the any keyword is entered to require authentication for any source from the inside interface. Enter the destination IP address, network address, or the any keyword in the Destination field.

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We want to configure the same such that it can serve specific IP addresses based on the MAC address of the clients. I have only worked with routers, but you can do this with IOS on them.

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  • It is called a static mapping. It works by putting a text file with the mappings on a tftp-server, and telling the router how to get that file. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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    Viewed 2k times. Cisco switches have the "s how switch mac-address-table".

    A Cisco Meraki switch has similar functionality. Cisco ASA's do not have the "show switch ASA sh switch mac-address-table Legend: Age - entry expiration time in seconds.

    virtual firewall with shared interface

    On the smaller platforms Those With a build in switch module the as an exampel.. This command is very usefull in remote troubleshooting Alas, every day I'm putting in wishes to make this a possibility Not quite I'm also requesting the feature Ole is asking for Same issue for the MX This option is very usefull when you have to make a remote troubleshooting. I plugged my switch into port 2 and 3 and it still reads base MAC of xx I can see that in clients and in uplink port 24 on the switch or port 8 depending on with Meraki switch you have.

    This is absolutely essential.

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    So much time is wasted calling up remote clients, having Grannie Smith try to trace a client device's cable through several bundles which some local repair tech "helpfully" zip-tied together It's a blasted wreck, and there's no reason that the device should be unable to tell me what port its clients are connected to. Just add those columns to the display. Tracing cables is the old way of doing things.