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G4TV gave it 5 out of 5, describing it as a "fantastic turn-based strategy game In many ways Some reviews were less positive, with the most common criticisms being directed at the game's artificial intelligence.

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But in other ways, it's a disappointment that needs a lot more work. In an update on a Kickstarter project, lead designer Jon Shafer himself criticised some of the game's shortcomings. For the game's diplomatic system, he wrote that AI opponents "were completely enslaved to their gameplay situation, and as a result they appeared random. Shafer mentioned that the game's global happiness mechanic "strongly encouraged [players] to stay small and the penalties for not obliging with this demand were quite harsh.

It was virtually impossible to build the large, sprawling empires which had always been a feature in the series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Video games portal. Business Wire. October 19, Retrieved June 26, Steam Community. June 10, Retrieved June 10, June 11, Archived from the original on July 1, Retrieved July 23, The GameAgent Blog. February 18, Archived from the original on March 4, Retrieved February 19, Retrieved March 9, Retrieved November 22, February 16, Retrieved July 22, The Escapist.

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Community Patch was actually built upon another mod. Since development began in , it's become its own thing, prompting a rebranding: Vox Populi. Besides improving upon the game's AI, Vox Populi tweaks the game's balance, and fixes bugs that were left behind after Firaxis moved on. August 27, Retrieved August 27, Retrieved September 23, Retrieved July 29, July 9, February 13, Retrieved February 13, Archived from the original on July 21, July 20, May 6, October 18, Retrieved October 18, Game Informer. August 8, Retrieved June 15, Retrieved September 5, Retrieved June 19, September 17, Retrieved September 18, October 11, September 20, PC Gamer.

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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Firaxis Games. Michael Curran Geoff Knorr. I don't want to pat us on the back too hard, but the Vox Populi AI is widely considered by users to be one of the if not the best turn-based strategy AIs currently available for a modern game. The fact that you're messing with core elements of the game—the AI—goes beyond a lot of what people usually mods into games. Where do you even begin? Cristoph: Well, Firaxis really gave the community a lot to work with. Forum moderation is important.

Grooms: It does require a programmer, but—more than anything else—it requires a human player to sit down and play against the AI. There's no way Christoph or I could have worked on the AI and debugged it efficiently. This is, of course, as good a time as ever to praise our community of users, beta testers, and content creators. Regarding AI design, we really had to step back and reevaluate Firaxis's design.

I'll spare the details, however the core of the Firaxis AI was a system of flavors. Everything was flavored—AI personalities, buildings, units, wonders— and these flavors were weighed and changed dynamically during the game. The AI would select tasks, policies, and so on based on these flavors, a system which—on paper—makes a lot of sense. In reality, though, it largely left AI decision-making up to chance, as the flavors were generally not good at creating long-term planning or predictive behavior models. So, we went back to the drawing board, scrapped most flavors, and wrote AI systems that focused more on weighting based on things the AI had already done.

So, if the AI had been focusing on war-related policies or beliefs, for example, it would be more keen to continue this trend in the future. It isn't perfect, but it is an efficient way of simulating long-term strategy. Which is understandable. In a way.

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Cristoph: I haven't been in contact with anybody from Firaxis, so I can't really tell. They seemed to be ignoring us, until recently. So somebody out there doesn't seem to love it. For me it's an ambiguous situation. On the one hand we have to respect them for giving us the source code, and that must have taken some courage because some parts of it are nothing to be proud of.

On the other hand, fixing their bugs, improving their game and being denied any recognition isn't very nice.

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But doing it was fun, so it's OK! Grooms: No tension, as there's no interaction at all. It is clear, based on some of the choices they made for Civilization VI , that they were clearly aware of our project, as some of our ideas were lifted and put into the new game. I do hope Firaxis does not hate us for this—if anything, our project should be seen as a testament to the durability of the Civilization series, not a condemnation of their development choices.

One of the tensions that Vox Populi faces is whether folks want to stick around with Civilization V , or move onto the more novel Civilization VI. One of the things this patch does is address bugs that were left behind. How do you go about trying to root out a bug, and what ones were really bothering you? Grooms: As noted above, our beta testers and debuggers are amazing.

Most of the time, they'll open an issue on Github for us an open issue and code-tracking website that we can track, assign, and respond to as we get a chance. In the best situation, we step in, replicate the scenario on our end, attach Visual Studio to Civ so we can step through the DLL line-by-line to watch the event , and see the bug immediately. In other situations, the bug is so obscure, or so difficult to track down, that it may take us months of steady sleuthing to find.

The worst bug I can recall was related to trade deals. This happened last year. For some reason, trade deals were corrupting after completing a cycle, breaking the entire diplomacy system. I had barely touched this system, yet the bug was clearly my fault. I poured over the code probably a times, checking and checking for inconsistencies. I'd make a tweak, release a fix, and then it would come back.