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You might also find Stereo Rose at a few stores. It is still available at a few stores. Stereo Rose is an awesome product for people with very fair complexion. Infact if you have a darker or even very pale skintone, it might even look muddy.

MAC In The Groove Collection Mineralize Skinfinish Reviews and Swatches

First, the marine highlighter and now the Stereo Rose. Great for highlighting or just for that nice shine on cheeks. IMO, great for people who have very fair complexions and get that natural reddish rosy flush when they blush.

Great for everyday neutral looks. Pale Blue, Turquoise and black. Black is really black and gorgeous. The purple in the middle has a silvery frosty finish.

A cool toned trio, might not work well together for a lot of Indian skintones but might work separately when paired with warmer colours. Beautiful beautiful trio. Both the colours are very pigmented and you can easily go overboard with then. Clown cheeks? The colours have soft sheen to them. Honestly, I have no clue whey these two are together. I mixed these two together, the base colour came as a bight pink and there were very fine specks of copper.

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Not something I personally liked. I feel it will also work as an eyeshadow with some darker shade in the outer V area. This stayed on me for 5 hours in the Mumbai heat which is excellent as no makeup stays that long in the humidity of Mumbai,. Looking very sweet Shweta. I want this, I want this, need to convince my hubby to go to Kol, for some shopping now. I have heard the MAC at Kolkata is always poorly stocked.. Exactly MAc Kol is very poorly stocked.

Oh yea.. This is such a pretty shade man, wowwww!!!

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Oooh have to tell dad! He was there recently for a reunion.. Say abt a yr bk! I think he graduated in I do that too — search for reviews of the products after shopping impulsively!

Kinda convices that I dint waste the money if the review is good. I sent an article to Ana about the nomination but she feels it is biased and not posting it. Aaaargh… So if you love Wise She, vote now. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. No i saw this at the Kolkata MAC store, and a friend picked it up as well. With the amount of shimmer MSFs have, emphasized pores can occur. The texture is finely milled and only slightly powdery-typical of mineralized products.

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What I found interesting about this shade is, in certain lighting, it not only highlighted my cheeks but slightly contoured them as well-something unexpected. You can also intensify the color by applying them wet. Also, depending on the veining, the color and amount of sparkle can slightly vary from compact to compact. Personally, I love Mineralize Skinfinishes!

I generally use them as a setting powder Lightscapade is my go-to and a way to give my face a nice glow. Also, they look so darn interesting in the compact. Stereo Rose is not an insanely unique color, but I understand its allure.

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The subtle bronze adds a depth that many other companies have not captured with their coral blushes. Update: Due to selling in countries that require animal testing, MAC is no longer considered a cruelty-free brand. TheLABofLuxury apologizes for any confusion this may have caused.