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On the other hand, Apple Mail is the default application that that accompanies with every Mac system and it is free.

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Thus, if you have already Mac Outlook, then you can also use Mac Mail anyhow. Because both email clients have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Mac Mail provides only the subset of Outlook features. Since Apple Mail is an email client which comes pre-installed on Mac. Because of the fact that it is developed by Apple itself, it has a strong compatibility with other Mac applications.

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If you like Apple ecosystem, then its an absolutely good news for iPhone and iPad users as well. Mac Outlook can be purchased only as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. So, if you are using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other such applications , it may make sense for you to go for Outlook as an email client. When comparing Mac Outlook vs Apple Mail, it offers greater compatibility with the rest of Office programs than Mac Mail can with the same Office apps. Microsoft offers Office programs as a part of a subscription plan as opposed to all software products.

There are multiple plans that you can purchase on a monthly or yearly basis, which gives you access to all the Office programs or the one you choose in both Mac and Windows machine for up to 5 machines depends on the exact subscription plan.

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Thus, if you do not include other features of Outlook i. Then, it is not a wise idea to keep a heavy application that run. On the other hand, when comparing Mac Outlook vs Apple Mail, Mac Mail has multiple apps for contacts, calendars, and other items and therefore these resources are used to run. Since the interface of both email clients are pretty good, it is a subjective perspective which one is better.

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There are other games in town as well, in both the commercial and freeware category. Paul Ferrill looks at a number of options for anyone making the switch from the PC to the Mac. Like this article? We recommend Like this article? Keeping track of your calendar, contacts, to-do lists and such is probably one of those jobs that you depend on your computer to manage. The Mac offers a number of different options that will match or exceed the capabilities found on your PC. Apple has embraced or invented a number of open standards for the interchange of calendar and contact information.

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You can also publish your calendar either on the. Mac service or to a private server.

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The to-do items, however, are pretty basic with no support for things like categories. Microsoft Entourage is the Mac equivalent of Outlook.

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Getting your contacts moved over from the PC is not too difficult if you use Outlook. Project management gets a big boost from Entourage in terms of the features it adds over Outlook on the PC.

When you create a new project in Entourage it will perform tasks such as track files or emails that you have flagged with a particular keyword. You can then create filters to show only items marked with that keyword.

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View messages from multiple accounts. Select All Accounts in the upper left, and then click Inbox. Show or hide the ribbon. Show or hide folders.