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Today, it is utilized to develop attractive applications for cloud-based services, web applications, and mobile and desktop platforms. Large teams can benefit from its advanced features such as application control, agile planning, and version control. We also provide you the lowdown on the top 10 alternatives to Microsoft Visual Studio. You get 3 good reasons to buy the alternative solution instead of Microsoft Visual Studio and vice versa. Microsoft Azure is an integrated suite of managed services, templates, and tools that can enhance the productivity of IT developers and professionals.

It is designed for the Microsoft platform and makes it simple for IT professionals to develop and manage web, mobile, enterprise, and Internet of Things IoT applications. Microsoft Azure stands out for its compatibility with Windows and Linux platforms, and offers a top notch frontend management interface. Top features include: media services, Hadoop, business analytics, cloud services, and mobile services.

For more good choices, browse these Microsoft Azure alternatives here. Xamarin is a simplified and streamlined app development platform for Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android. It utilizes. Developers and designers have taken to this Xamarin because they love the benefit of not having to create apps for each platform separately. This enables them to focus on building their skills on sophisticated hobbyist projects.

Xamarin benefits greatly from its mobile specialization that specifically targets mobile users and their requirements. Plus, it offers top rate APIs that respond easily to all user requests and deliver an amazing experience. Finally, the tool is enabled for OSS development and offers all the enterprise capabilities needed by professional users.

If you are not satisfied, browse these excellent Xamarin alternatives here.

We have included OutSystems in this list of top 10 alternatives to Microsoft Visual Studio as it is a popular Rapid Application Development RAD solution that offers developers the features they need to easily create, deploy, and manage custom enterprise apps. It offers single-click deployment and full stack visual development to enable you to quickly create and deploy enterprise applications. You can deploy the platform in the cloud or on premise. Developers will appreciate how simple it is to deliver apps and to make changes after deployment.

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Finally, the tool offers integrated user feedback capture and allows you to manage the usage and performance of all applications. You can also consider these viable OutSystems alternatives here. It offers great out-of-the-box features for software development including support for STS, Gradle, Maven, and others. The app helps to boost productivity by offering intuitive code assistance for all supported frameworks and languages.

Finally, IntelliJ IDEA offers affordable pricing packages and the vendor provides reliable support via phone, email, and tickets. For more good options, peruse these IntelliJ Idea alternatives here. AppDynamics is a website monitoring service that is designed for the needs of organizations that have complex digital footprints with loads of applications and websites.

It is a fully realized website monitoring solution that can be used by companies of all scales and in any industry.

This tool offers alerts, reporting, dashboards, and business-focused analytics for IT professionals. Key features include: permanent control, visibility, continuous monitoring even in high-volume environments, trend database performance, and code-level visibility. AppDynamics seamlessly integrates with a range of software apps and systems, and the vendor offers both free and quoted pricing editions for the requirements of every business.

If you are not satisfied, take a look at these excellent AppDynamics alternatives here. InVision offers a simple method to create and test designs, business models, and prototypes for any device.

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It is used by more than 1. With InVision, you can take any design, sketch, or image from any source including PhotoShop and convert it into an interactive design that can be easily implemented and tested on any device. You can utilize the drag-and-drop feature to take the image to the system and sync files smoothly using the integrations with Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. In addition, you get tools for user testing, workflow, feedback, and collaboration. Main features include: project management for designers, design organization and collaboration, and real-time design meetings and whiteboarding.

If you wish to scout for other solutions, take a look at these excellent InVision alternatives here. Bitbucket is a web-based hosting platform for projects that use either the Git or Mercurial revision control systems. It is designed for professional teams and empowers them to code, manage, and work together on Git projects. BitBucket boasts unlimited public and private repositories. Granular permissions ensure your workflow is secure. Top features include: issue tracking, snippets, smart mirroring, clustering, and Git large file support.

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For more good options, browse these BitBucket alternatives here. Git is a source code management solution that is widely used by professionals as well as novices for software development. Aug 23, 1 min read. Jeff Martin. Microsoft has moved closer towards bringing Visual Basic into place as a first-class citizen on the. NET Core platform. As part of the. NET Standard 2. This means the same executable or library that runs on Windows can work on macOS and Linux.

Once the. Since this is. Four VB templates within 2. NET Core 2. Then create a new directory to hold your new project, and run dotnet new to create a new project based on one of the templates. NET Core.

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However, VB developers can now write cross-platform code for macOS and Linux, something that was not possible in a supported manner until now. Enhance your end-user experience by optimizing your application performance. Get a holistic view of your application behavior with Site24x7. Join a community of over , senior developers. View an example. You need to Register an InfoQ account or Login or login to post comments.

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